Thanks to a Tumblr post I stumbled upon a few weeks back, I was made aware of the existence of an Absinthe being made in New York by Doc’s All Natural Spirits. By the time I’d heard about it, the product has reached a level of production for distribution, and I was fortunate enough to obtain a 375ml bottle of it! Very attractive packaging. I emailed my review of their product, and though I’m excited about another craft Absinthe distiller, I have it admit that the product needs some work. Doc’s Absinthe has a notable grain/smoky forefront, with a bitter finish. I know quite little about distilling, but I know about what Absintheurs are looking for in a successful product. It reminded me of a Czech Absinthe I got to sample that was EXTREMELY bitter, and tasted like fennelled-vodka. Doc’s product is by far more palatable, but perhaps through releasing a ‘Premium Edition’ it could be moved more toward a European/American flavor profile. 

About Doc’s, and Production:
Taking a short trip early this week to the Chicago area with my sister Rachel and bro’law Jason, a big point of this trip was to purchase a bottle of North Shore Distillery’s Sirène Absinthe Verte. I had a good time tasting several of North Shore Distillery’s offerings, including a lavender-forward gin, and speaking with one of the owners. Unfortunately, their distillery floor was closed to the public today, but I was able to see ‘Ethyl’, the copper still that produces all of North Shore Distillery’s offerings, through a window. Definitely a direct flavor, with notes of gin, and perhaps lemon balm? Worth the trip, experience and knowledge learnt.
My favourite place in the Ann Arbor area to imbibe Absinthe, and the occasional mixed cocktail - The Last Word Bar. Slowly but steadily, TLW has been decorating their underground-Prohibition-style space, and have added to their collection a commendable selection of Absinthes. Recently starting their ‘Green Hour’ ($6 Absinthe/cocktails 5-7pm), TLW is the place I haunt and favour because of their staff, aesthetics, selection and appropriate pricing for Absinthe. Shame on the other area throw-back-bars charging anywhere from $12-17 for an ounce pour!
My interest in The Last Word began as a result in my working for Tammy’s Tastings, who educates and shares the art and history of the Classic Cocktail via classes with interesting topics.
Check both of these things out!
Here is the result of a second-attempt at customizing a recipe for Absinthe Cookies I came across a month-ish ago. I learned the ‘LoL-way’ with the first-attempt that adhering to strict recipes is not my forte (batch #1 was wet and mushy), and not until I adapted the recipe to make ‘Lavender Cookies’ did better results occur. It’s basically my replacement-recipe for any flavored cookie at this point, and I recommend you to try it:
I’ve made Lavender, Earl Grey, and now a new variant of the Absinthe Cookie… This batch using Leopold Bros.’ “Absinthe Verte” in the icing (and some other secret ingredients) as well.
A big stop on my recent trip to visit my friend Katie in Lakewood, OH (outside of Cleveland), we drove a little East to the nearest Jeni’s Ice Cream ‘scoop shop’ to acquire a couple pricey-pints of a limited edition flavor, ‘Absinthe & Meringues’. Also on my list was to stop at the West Side Market in Cleveland to buy a sack of licorice; the light & soft ‘peep-like’ ones in particular - I threw a couple on my evening’s desert for show. To be excused from any further future $10/pint purchases, I’ll be asking my friend Nick to make me some Absinthe ice cream (with something easily better than Absente!). I wonder how ‘Vieux Carre Absinthe Superior’ would taste? I plan to top it off with a dollop of marshmallow-fluff to mimic the meringues. 
Check out more information here:
Furthermore, if you haven’t tried/heard of Michael P. Roux’s latest chaff, ‘Absente La Creme’, I suggest at least one bottle’s purchase - the price is right to throw a generous dose in a blender with vanilla ice cream, and is basically a more-economical Jeni’s clone.
My co-worker couriered back from her weekend work-trip to Chicago a rare find upon my request: Letherbee’s Charred Oak Absinthe Brun, and my bottle is marked ‘Batch: 01, Date: 2013. It was extremely special because she was quite ‘kitty-poo-poo’ with a case of food intolerance, and came into work, though she left shortly after. My shift was over, so I left with her, to wait for the bus… which for some reason never came. In an odd series of events, I had to take the wrong bus, going the right way - after idling time for a half-hour with a homeless guy who loved Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes. “I miss him so much!”, he said.
"Absinthe is the aphrodisiac of the self. The Green Fairy who lives in the Absinthe wants your soul. But you are safe with me." - Bram Stoker’s Dracula, c.1992
What’s a “Lol-Gasm”? Ironically, the typical typeface used for memes is called ‘impact’.

The Top Ten Best Compliments I’ve Ever Received.

1. “What a mysterious hormone cocktail you are”
2. “You’re really convincing”
3. “You bring an unnatural smile to my face”
4. “You make my face hurt”
5. “I would rather talk to you than use mind altering gateway drugs.”
6. “You are ‘Social Lubricant’”
7. “… there’d be the ‘pleasant byproduct’ of hearing from you…”
8. That I am, “iconic”.
9. “Am I stoned, or is this just a great conversation?!”
10. “I like how wherever you go, the place becomes yours.”